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English Courses
UNAM San Antonio

UNAM-San Antonio offers nine levels of English as a second language. All courses include instruction in grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Spanish Courses
UNAM San Antonio

Seven levels of Spanish are offered in morning and evening classes. Each level consists of 75 hours of instruction. Courses include instruction in grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Classes are taught in Spanish from day one. Tutoring sessions are available. Semester courses are equivalent to 5 semester credit hours.

French Courses
UNAM San Antonio

Four levels of French are offered on an evening course schedule. Courses include instruction in pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking centered on thematic topics. Classes are conducted in French from the first day.

GED Testing Center
UNAM San Antonio

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Other Courses

We specialize in teaching languages however we do a whole lot more.

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